We know that as your need to control spending grows, you'll need tools to better understand your data, real property portfolio, and more. Be sure to consult our experts to help you to manage your FRPP, FISMA, and Executive Order 13327 compliant enterprise solution.

Our Commercial Services Department will provide your organization with the tools needed to accurately analyze asset utilization cost.  In Healthcare, Higher Education, and Hospitality we offer unparalleled, strategic enterprise system implementation services.

Past Performance:  AESIT is honored to have provided solutions for the following customers:

Our experienced Military Services team offers superior asset maintenance and management services, whether your transactions involve  Personnel, Equipment, or Weaponry, central command will obtain real-time reports of current force readiness and attrition rates.



EXECUTIVES ARE IN NEED OF NEW STRATEGIES TO increase business efficiency and ULTIMATELY, revenue!

The more you know, the more empowered you are to save!

Our business monitoring, e-metrics, total cost of ownership and business process management tools provide an intelligence that leads to millions in savings! By adding the right measurement tools regularly, you can maximize your return on investment.  AESIT offers efficient, environmentally conscious solutions targeted to help your organization save more money!  Our experienced team has quantified projects to improve the use of IT resources that deliver short-term cost reductions, while customers maintain their existing staffing levels. Today, hardware and software categories total 31 percent of most IT budgets. Based on your organization's size, managing it's operations group correctly could save millions! AESIT can help empower you to save your organization money.


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